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The Legal Revolution 

On July 15th, 2022, we made history by launching a revolution. Thanks to the hard work of our partners like AllSquare and it's newly formed subsidiary The Legal Revolution, and the Prison to Law Pipeline,  legal education will now be accessible for persons who are incarcerated. 

"Learning the law is a vital vehicle for freedom and lasting change in our community,” said Elizer Darris, chair of the board of the Legal Revolution. “Maureen’s acceptance is social proof that the time for change is now and the energy is here to change it.”

Maureen Onyelobi, Law Student at Mitchell Hamline

Mitchell Hamline School of Law will welcome Maureen Onyelobi into its juris doctor program this fall, making Mitchell Hamline the first ABA-approved law school in the country to educate currently incarcerated individuals.


Onyelobi received word of her acceptance on June 9 ,2022 from President and Dean Anthony Niedwiecki and John Goeppinger, director and co-founder of the Legal Revolution. They traveled to the state prison in Shakopee to deliver the historic news. “We have a drive and a passion to learn the law that most have never seen before because we know what it is to be in here,” said Onyelobi.

Read More: First student to attend law school from prison will attend Mitchell Hamline. 

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Emily Hunt Turner, CEO of AllSquare  (left)  Sarah Gad (middle) John D. Goeppinger (right)
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