Medication provided to incarcerated populations saves lives. Period.

Before a2A, only a handful of states offered MAT. a2A has spearheaded MAT pilot programs in 24 correctional facilities in 14 different cities. Here's a look at where things currently stand:

Jail-Based Medication-Assisted Treatment Promising Practices (May 2020)
This State Has Figured Out How to Treat Drug Addicted Inmates (February 2020)
Lawmakers Hear Proposal Requiring N.H.'s County Jails To Offer Drug Treatment Programs (February 2020)
ACLU Probes Opioid Treatment in Ohio Jails (January 2020)
DuPage Jail Offering New Treatment for Opioid-Addicted Inmates (January 2020)
Mass. Prisons Agree To Extend Medication For Addiction Treatment After Lawsuit (December 2019)
Michigan to offer opioid addiction treatment in prison, increase syringe exchange program  (November 2019)
Seven Mass. County Jails To Implement Methadone Pilot Programs (August 2019)
Funding to help CT prisons improve opioid addiction treatment program (July 2019)
Drug Treatment is Reaching More Prisons and Jails (July 2019)
St. Louis County Announces Treatment Of Opioid Use In Jail (July 2019)
Arnold Ventures Announces National Program to Expand Opioid Treatment in Jails  (May 2019)
NH inmates get access to medication-assisted addiction treatment in prison (June, 2019)
Cook County Jail to Expand Medication Assisted Treatment for Opioid Addiction (May 2019)
Setting Precedent, A Federal Court Rules Jail Must Give Inmate Addiction Treatment (May 2019)
Addicts Are Dying When They LeaveJail. They Don't Have To. (March 2019)
Yes, drug-assisted treatment is needed for opioid-addicted patients in U.S. prisons  (March 2019)
West Virginia Jail Starts Regional Inpatient Treatment Pilot (February 2019)
WA Corrections Takes Steps to Help Curb State’s Opioid Epidemic (November 2018)
Treatment to Reduce the Burden of Disease and Deaths from Opioid Use Disorder (October 2018)
Receiver announces plan for medication assisted SUD treatment in CA prisons (October 2018)
Prisons' Refusal to Provide Adequate Opioid Treatment in Cruel and Unlawful (September 2018)
New Momentum for Addiction Treatment Behind Bars (February 2018)
A prison system offered all inmates addiction treatment. Overdose deaths dropped sharply (February 2018)

State Facilities that Offer MAT (July 2020)


In March of 2019, Sarah's opioid epidemic outreach efforts made national headlines after she wrote a first-person essay detailing her harrowing journey through addiction and incarceration, and her path to redemption as a law student fighting back against the opioid crisis. Read Sarah's essay here.

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Please visit our medication-assisted treatment page to learn more about ways to safely and effectively manage opioid addiction and reduce the risk of overdose.

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